March 2022 Forrest Shipment Size/ strain / Price List

3"+- Royal Blue Diamond---$49

4" White Butterfly---$57

3.5"+-Blue Diamond----$59

4"      Heckel Cross---$65

3.5-4"         Mellinium Gold---$67

4-4.5"Rose Red---$69(Presoldto customers on wait list)

4"+- Super Checkerboard Pigeon---$69

4-4.5" Pigeon Snakeskin----$75

4"+- White Tiger-----------$76

4"     Blue Tiger Turq---$76

4+" Neon Sapphire---$78(Presold to customers on wait list)

4"+-  Super Eruption---$88

4.5"+- Forrest White Scorpion-White Butterfly--$88

4-4.5"  Red Tiger Turq----$89(Presold to customers on wait list)

4.5"+-Blue Tiger Turq---$89

4.5"Straight Line Turq---$98

4.5"   Red Eagle----$118

4.5-5"   Tefe Green Cross---$129

5-5.5"   Maze Leopard---$136

5"Carnation Turq---$148(Presold to customers on wait list)

5.5"+-   Golden Pigeon Snakeskin ---S148

5.5-6"   Giant Flora----$149

5"+- Neon Sapphire-$159(Presold to customers on wait list)

5.5-6"  Golden Pigeon---$168

4.5-5"  Super Red Cover---$178

5"+- Eruption Leopard Snakeskin---$186

5.5-6"   Red Golden Diamond---$189(Presold to customers on wait list)

5-5.5"  Spotted Face Super Eruption---$255

Albino Strains

4"Albino Golden Lollipop Striated---$178(Presold to customers on wait list)

4.5"+-Albino Red Cover-----$236

Select Grade Strains:

5"+- Snow White(Select Grade)----$165

5"+- Altum Flora Cross(Select Grade)---$205

5-5.5"  Altum Flora Snakeskin(Select Grade)----$215

5"+- Super Red Cover(Select Grade)----$239 

5.5"Red Golden Diamond(Select Grade)---$248

5.5+" Super Giant Flora Special(Select Grade)----$269(Presold to customers on wait list)

5+"Spotted Face Super Eruption(Select Grade)---$368

Jumbo Size Strains:

6.5"+- Golden Crystal---$198(Presold to customers on wait list)

6.5-7"Royal Rose Red Intermediate---$225

6-6.5"   Royal Red Cover---$299

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