2022 Forrest December Shipment Size/ strain/Price List:

2022 Forrest December Shipment Size/ strain/Price List:

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4+-" Snow White---$57

4" Golden Checkerboard Pigeon---$65

4" White Butterfly---$65

4" Neon Sapphire---$69

4" Red Eagle---$78

4.5+"Altum Flora---$79

4"Fuji Red---$86

4-4.5"Blue Face Rose Red---$87

4.5" White Tiger Turq---$87

3.5+-"Rossa Merah---$89

4-4.5"Red Golden Diamond---$89

4.5"Super Checkerboard Pigeon---$89

4-4.5"Penang Eruption---$89

4.5" Royal Ruby Red ---$98

4.5" Super Eruption---$118

5+-" Standing Egg Cobalt---$118

5+" Maze Leopard---$128

4.5" Super Red Cover---$139

4.5" Golden Leopard---$145

5"+- Altum Flora ---$148

5+" Red Jaguar---$155

5-5.5"Pigeon Snakeskin ---$156

5.5" Snow White---$158

5.5" Pigeon---$166

5.5" Carnation Pigeon---$168

5.5+-"Super Eruption---$186

5.5+"Fineline Red Snakeskin---$229

5.5" Snow White ---$158

Albino Strains

3.5" Albino Golden Lollipop ---$95

3.5-4"Albino Royal Ruby Red ---$125

4.5+"Albino Golden Lollipop---$178

Select Grade Strains

5.5" Bulldog Leopard Snakeskin (Select Grade)---$255

5.5+-"Spotted Face Super Eruption(Select Grade)---$265

5" Rossa Merah(Select Grade)---$279

5.5+-"Golden Checkerboard Pigeon (Select Grade)---$289

Jumbo Size Strains

6"+- Hibody Maze Leopard (Select Grade)---$187

6" Albino Brilliant Intermediate---$195

6" Bulldog Leopard(Select Grade)---$225

6+-" Cobalt (Select Grade)---$268

6.5" Blue Diamond(Select Grade)---$278

7" Giant Blue Turq---$288

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